User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Detect and Respond to User-Based Threats with Artificial Intelligence

Last year, 69% of companies surveyed reported incidents of attempted data theft—but not from external threats. These threats came from inside the organization. While these threats can be prevented, 91% of companies report that they do not have effective insider threat detection methods.

So erkennt und stoppt UEBA eine Insiderbedrohung

LogRhythm User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) performs profiling and anomaly detection using a wide range of analytics approaches against diverse environmental data.

Quickly Spot Dangerous User-Based Activity

Don’t let insider threats fly under your radar. UEBA plays a critical role in providing visibility into user behavior and enhancing detection capabilities to protect your company’s sensitive data.

Identify Insider Threats

Malicious insiders cause damaging, headline-making cyber breaches and acts of sabotage. Monitor for data exfiltration, policy violations, and other dangerous activity.

Uncover Compromised Accounts

Verletzungen betreffen in der Regel mehrere Nutzerkonten. Unterscheiden Sie zwischen legitimen und kompromittierten Konten durch das Identifizieren anomaler Aktivitäten. Entlarven Sie die Betrüger, bevor es zu einer Verletzung kommt.

Expose Privilege Abuse and Misuse

Your IT team has the keys to kingdom. Malicious parties can often infiltrate organizations by bribing or extorting an insider. Spot privilege abuse and misuse before damage occurs.

Spot Brute-Force Attacks

Angreifer versuchen häufig programmgesteuert auf Ihre Cloud-Infrastruktur und externe Authentifizierungssysteme zuzugreifen. Erkennen Sie frühzeitig, wenn Sie das Ziel des Angreifers sind, und blockieren Sie den Zugriff.

Identify New Privileged Accounts

It can be challenging to ensure appropriate access rights and keep track of super users. Learn how LogRhythm automatically monitors and reports on the creation of privileged accounts and the elevation of permissions.

Track Data Access & Exfiltration

Wenn ein gefährdetes Benutzerkonto oder ein skrupelloser Insider Zugriff auf vertrauliche Daten zugreift, müssen Sie darüber informiert werden. Unsere Analysen können Ihnen helfen, zu erkennen, wenn ein Nutzer unberechtigt auf geschützte Daten zugreift.

Increase Visibility into User Behavior

UEBA empowers your team to detect and neutralize user-based threats by analyzing diverse data to expose insider threats, compromised accounts, and privilege misuse—all in real time.

LogRhythm CloudAI and AI Engine work together to corroborate analytics to identify and prioritize high-risk activities with accuracy. Combined, they deliver real-time analysis of all activity in your environment and surface user-based threats that would otherwise go undetected.

Die Verantwortlichen für diese Aktionen identifizieren

LogRhythm TrueIdentity™ maps disparate user accounts and related identifiers to build a comprehensive baseline of a user’s actual identity. By baselining a user’s profile and comparing their activity to their peers, anomalous behavior can be surfaced as a potential threat rapidly.

Achieve UEBA With a Seamless Solution

Don’t be part of the 91% that is unprepared for a user-based threat. LogRhythm’s UEBA solutions give your team the tools they need to see what would otherwise go undetected. These tools are available with our security information and event management (SIEM) and Threat Lifecycle Management Platform so you don’t have to bolt on yet another technology to manage.

  • Detect threats that are known—and threats that you haven’t seen yet.
  • Use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to continuously improve your team’s time to detect and respond to threats.
  • Give up on the needle in the haystack. With an evidence-based starting point, your team can quickly qualify threats and accelerate incident response.
  • Garbage in / garbage out? Not anymore. With clean data that is prepared for analysis, your security solution can provide your team with true, actionable insights.
  • Get a view of actual users—not just their disparate accounts.
  • Be alerted on actionable information with analytics that provide user threat scores, data visualizations, and direct access to underlying data.

Imagine a World Where Your AI-Enabled SOC Give Analysts the Freedom to Focus on What’s Important

Envision a threat-management solution that continuously learns and evolves to improve the accuracy of threat detection and minimize your team’s time to respond.

CloudAI einführen.