Press Releases

LogRhythm Offers Migration Service to Splunk Customers to Address Ongoing Security Challenges Without the Financial Burden

LogRhythm announced a migration offer for current Splunk customers to easily transition to the LogRhythm Platform. By offering a 100 percent trade-in credit for up to a year of remaining time on their current Splunk subscription, this limited-time Splunk migration offer helps eligible organizations alleviate any added financial burden from unpredictable pricing by migrating to the LogRhythm True Unlimited Data Plan.

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LogRhythm Releases First True Unlimited Data Plan for SIEM

LogRhythm announced today that it launched the first True Unlimited Data Plan for its NextGen SIEM. Historically, organizations have paid more as data ingestion increased. While others in the industry have previously claimed to support unlimited data plans, they have always come with a catch. LogRhythm is changing that in an effort to provide predictability for CISOs; therefore, combatting the risk of unprotected data.

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