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How Case Management Tags Improve Efficiency, Reporting, and SOC Metrics

If you’re a LogRhythm user, you've probably dabbled quite a bit in Case Management on a day-to-day basis. Whether you're grinding through alarms or working on reported issues and incidents, Case Management provides the tools you need to collaborate, store evidence, initiate playbooks, and work through the incident management process. But what about the tagging section in the Case Management editor? Read this blog post to learn how a LogRhythm customer and his team built a tagging schema to improve their analysis process and SOC metrics.

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Then and Now: The State of Critical Infrastructure Security

The topic of critical infrastructure came up several times during this month’s Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference (RMISC) in Denver. And while cybersecurity certainly isn’t a cakewalk for anyone, the challenges facing critical infrastructure sectors seem especially daunting. So how did the industry get to where it is today? Where is it going from here? And most importantly, what are you supposed to do about the existing and future challenges?

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