Introducing LogRhythm Echo

LogRhythm strives to make it as easy to run useful analytics on your security data. With Echo, you now have access to the same tools we use to demonstrate the value of LogRhythm analytics and to build confidence in the analytics that power the industry's leading NextGen SIEM Platform.

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R&D Considerations for Developing a Big Data Product

Big data — it’s all the rage in the technology industry right now, and for good reason. Data holds information that, if analyzed properly, reveal invaluable insights that you can use for just about anything — from streamlining internal processes to delivering better health care. But given the potential complexity of its use cases, big data products take a lot of work and planning to execute properly. LogRhythm has first-hand experience with big data products, given our development of CloudAI. LogRhythm CloudAI combines a wide array of behavioral models with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to detect and characterize shifts in how users interact with the IT environment. This helps security teams detect hidden and advanced threats.

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